Invitation Homes: When Wall St. Decides to Become a Slumlord

There are tens of thousands of us being taken advantage of.   Together we can take on Invitation Homes and END their predatory behavior.

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Campaign Against Wall Street Slumlord Invitation Homes


INVITATION HOMES, with over 80,000 properties in 17 markets, is the largest owner of single family rentals in the country. Because they are owned and financed by Wall Street investors, they are incentivized to squeeze as much profit from their tenants as they possibly can. As a result many people are forced to endure slumlord conditions that include shoddy maintenance, predatory fee stacking, unnecessary evictions, and unaffordable rent increases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Invitation Homes, like some of its Wall Street-backed peers, adheres to a business model that pressures it to lean hard on tenants to satisfy investors. These companies have financed their growth by selling billions of dollars in bonds – the rental-market equivalent of the mortgage-backed securities that led to the financial crisis – to pension funds and other big institutions. Industry critics say that to keep payments to bond investors rolling, companies like Invitation Homes must minimize maintenance costs and maximize rents and fees.
  2. Invitation Homes has deceptively put tenants into homes that have existing code violations, maintenance problems and life- threatening safety issues. Furthermore, when tenants move out they are often charged for these issues.
  3. Tenants of Invitation are often cost burdened by rent, have families and live in unaffordable areas with a shortage of housing. These factors make it difficult to move. Invitation Homes exploits households once they move in through outrageous rent increases, fees, and property neglect resulting in disrepair, even sometimes squalid conditions.
  4. In addition, potential first-time homeowners can’t compete against all-cash investors, meanwhile, long-term tenants are experiencing slum-lord conditions and rapidly rising rents, and/or being displaced.
  1. In the face of a corporate landlord, it can be daunting and feel powerless. By organizing tenants within the markets where Invitation Homes is present, we can force them into better terms and service for tenants.
  2. Through outreach and organization efforts we can start meetings and implement planned actions.
  3. Give long-term tenants the opportunity of purchasing their homes for an affordable price.
  4. Work to get the attention of local city inspectors, regulators, politicians and media to raise awareness and take action wherever necessary.

NACA is a non profit housing advocacy organization committed to fighting for the rights of everyone to have the opportunity of affordable home ownership. This recent trend of institutional landlords swooping in and occupying a larger and larger share of single family homes in neighborhoods traditionally reserved for individual home owners or mom-and-pop landlords is troubling and a sign of our broken housing policy. NACA is committed to pushing back on these forces, advocating for tenant rights and fighting to keep the dream of homeownership an affordable reality for working class Americans.

Tenants are organizing on Facebook and social media. The UN Human Rights council has admonished Blackstone and other Wall Street investors. Many other local non profits are taking action – come back soon for more on how we can all take on these powerful institutions together.

Sign up to take action. Invitation renters are invited to take the survey at link. NACA will use the survey data and outreach to participating tenants and launch a publicity campaign targeting Invitation Homes to put them in the public spotlight. NACA and other groups and leaders will organize local groups through meetings where we can plan further advocacy.