Las Vegas Review-Journal: Home renters allege landlord ignored repairs, rushed evictions

Last year tenants sued Invitation Homes, the nation’s largest single-family landlord, alleging the company charges exorbitant fees, skimps on maintenance and files for eviction at a startling rate. The potential class-action lawsuit was filed in a U.S. district court in California and represents tenants in 11 states, including Nevada.

Attorney Alex Tomasevic, whose San Diego-based firm filed the lawsuit, said tenants fear losing their home if they stand up against a corporate landlord that fails to live up to a lease.

“The threat of eviction hanging over their head creates that incentive to pay up or shut up,” Tomasevic said. “Largely, I always think it boils down to corporate greed. Try to spend as little money as possible. When people complain, ignore them and hope they go away.”

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